<img src="" alt="hommel2" broedkamer met bijenwidth=”300″ height=”225″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-18″ /></aFROM WORDS TO IMAGES

Many people ask me: how can you recognize things. I can see it so I know what it is but you can’t.
My answer always is: just like all other children blind kids also learn about the world they are living in.
Once upon a time someone has told us, you and me: this here we call a chair and this is a table.
And we all, sighted or not, have stored that information in our memories to tap from.
You can look at a chair and save that image. I can walk around it and feel it and save that shape/form. We can sit upon it and save that experience.
And so we all build up a memory in our own unique way.
But now we get to the socalled far-away-things, things on a distance.
There was a young girl who thought fishes are swimming upright like people are walking upright.
That’s why it is so important that information is given very precisely otherwise we get the wrong picture so to speak.
Talking about cows, sheep etc we can solve the “problem” easily by walking up to them and touch them.
But what about the sun and moon and stars.
We will never be able to touch them. People can try and give their descriptions and there are tactile drawings. Let’s take the sun, a drawing of the sun. What you feel is a circle and beams radiating from it. And what you feel is 2-dimensional. You can’t feel depth.
And then people go: but this is not how it looks like.
Sorry? We draw it this way but it doesn’t look that way.
Are you kidding? No, I’m not.

So, how about Bees?
Since I want to be(come) a Melissa I know that the practice of beekeeping will be part of my Path and I’m glad that Jan will walk this Path with me.
Fortunately we have found a Mentor, Maarten Hertzberger, who will guide us on this adventure and we have become member of the local BeeClub.
On Feb. 22nd this year we visit Maarten for the first time and that afternoon words like Hive, Frame, Smoker, BeeVeil will forever loose their absract meaning and will become “Clear Images”.
We feel a Hive, no Bees in it so we can open it and take everything out.
We can feel the frames where they build their cells on out of wax, the container for food, the Screen that keeps the Queen away from the Honey Super, the entrance for the Bees to fly in and out.
We are holding tools in our hands like a Smoker, Bee Suit, a Scraper, container for a Queens transportation.
That day Beekeeping changes from Words into Images.
That day the Path of a Beekeeper come to life.

April 28th we join another lesson with people from the BeeClub.
There is also someone from the Zoo, Artis, in Amsterdam and now a big surprise comes our way.
In Artis they have a stuffed Bumblebee. I’m surprised about the claws of this insect, I can feel its antennae, its six legs, the basket for gathering Pollen.
This is so great. A Bumblebee, someone once said, is the teddybear amongst the Pollinators and that’s exactly how it feels.
And although a Bumblebee is larger than a Honeybee, from now on I will be able to imagine them very properly.

Why Bees??? Because they need us like we need them!


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