While I’m working on the Offerings/Assignments of the College of the Melissae Jan is working in the garden to get the Beeyard ready.

Creating a Path from the main Path of the garden to the Beeyard.
Creating a Gate at the end of the Path. Passing the Gate means entering Bee Area.
A ribbon on my right will lead me safely along the edge of this Area, along a screen with plants to the Hive. This way I will always end up at the backside of the Hive.
I hear the echo of the Hive at my left and I will find a chair at my right as a marker and as something to sit on and be with the Bees.

Right in front of the Hive seed is planted for growing all sorts of Bee-friendly Organic Flowers, a 5-Star Bee Restaurant.pad-perkje





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