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The Hum of Bees is the Song of Creation


On July 5th our first Hive arrives to live with us.
Seeing their Hives as part of the family Melissae always name their Queens and/or Hives.
The name we have chosen for our first Queen is Persephone.
It is in these days that Persephone pops up in my life again.
And what I’ve never seen before is that her name is connected with sound.
Fone is the Greek word for Sound/Voice. Think of words as telephone and symphony.
Googling Persephone I find a for me strange declaration of her name on a Page called Behind the name.
Although they do not know the origin of Her name they think it might be derived from the word Pertho = Destroy and Fone they translate with Murder.
I remember very well from my Greek lessons that Fone is Sound/Voice as I’ve described above.
From my point of view Persephone is the Sound/Voice destroying/chasing away Winter and Darkness.

The story goes (as told by Charlene Spretnak in her book Lost Goddesses of early Greece) that Persephone out of free will descends to the Underworld to comfort the Dead. While she is in the Underworld Autumn and Winter are on Earth. When she is ready with her work and returns to this world it is Spring and Summer.
So, when her voice is back in this world flowers will pop up out the Earth again ready to receive and give life and bloom.

And so it is with Bees. When they leave their Hives after their stay in darkness during their dreamy wintertime we can hear their Buzz again and flowers will pop up out of the Earth again ready to nourish and be nourished making love with life itself in a Sacred Action called Pollination.

And so Persephone for me is connected with Bees and her Sound/Voice is connected with Bhramari Song, The Hum of Bees, which is said to be The First Sound of Creation.