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Hive Autopsy

Persephone’s Voice recorded December 3rd 2014

Life and Death of Persephone’s Hive


Persephone’s Hive arrived July 5th 2014. She came from a woman who, as we learned later, is treating her Hives the whole year through against Varroa.
Persephone looked like being a healthy Hive.

They were quiet and gentle but also stingy, maybe because of dealing with a wasps nest first and short after a time of drought. We supported Her with Food. Already in those first months we noticed some Varroa.

People had told us not to worry about Varroa because this, mostly, is not found in a Hive during the first year. But we did.

Being Natural/Sacred Beekeepers we decided to not treat our Hives, to not send weakened/sick Drones into the world to Meet and Mate a Queen and so weakening the Race of Honey Bees as a whole.

It has been proved that non treated Colonies “Produce” stronger, healthier, faster Drones than treated Colonies and that those non treated Drones are favorite as it comes to Fly with the Queen.

Back to Persephone, summer 2014.
There was constantly Brood in all Stages and in September they started encircling Brood with Honey.

On December 3rd Persephone’s Voice has been recorded, She was still alive as you can hear here:  www.beehome.wakan.nl/cluster03-12-2014.mp3

On December 29th there were dead Bees blocking the entrance and there was a dizzy Bee on the outside of the Hive.  Wings were transparant.


The Hive is loaded with Food, open Honey, tinahframebeesemergingcapped Honey and Pollen, stored in the Honey Super and in the two Brood Chambers, too.





There are some dead Bees.  There is a Frame wtinahcloseupframeith a Bit of Brood and there is a Frame with Bees emerging.  We also find a little bit of Mold/Fungus but this might be caused by the Hive having been closed for the past months.
No signs of Moth. No Varroa was found.




We can’t but come to the conclusion that we are dealing with Colony Collapse tinahframeDisease here.   Bees are dispersed and left some Brood and Emerging Bees and a Hive loaded with Food behind.