Queen of The Sun

GIVE BEES A CHANCE – Make love not war

Many people ask me: how can you recognize things. I can see it so I know what it is but you can’t.
My answer always is: just like all other children also blind kids learn what is what.
Once upon a time someone has told us, you and me: this here we call a chair and this is a table.
And we all, sighted or not, have stored that information in our memories, in a different way.
You can look at a chair and save that image. I can walk around it and feel it and save that shape/form. We can sit upon it and save that experience.
And so we all build up a memory in our own unique way.
But now we get to the socalled far-away-things, things on a distance.
Let me give you an example. There was a young girl, not me, who thought that fish are swimming upright like people are walking upright.
You see, it is so important that information is given very precisely otherwise we get the wrong picture so to speak.
Talking about cows, sheep etc we can solve the “problem” easily by walking up to them and touch them.
But what about the sun and moon and stars.
We will never be able to touch them. Well, of course, people can try and give their descriptions and there are tactile drawings. Let’s take the sun, a drawing of the sun. What you feel is a circle and beams radiating from it.
And then people go: but this is not how it looks like.
Sorry? We draw it this way but it doesn’t look that way.
Are you kidding? No, I’m not.
If I can’t rely on descriptions or tactile expressions of something why should I be interested in the visible world any longer.
Why? Because I’m part of it and if I can’t rely on the truth of others I’m invited to find my own. Isn’t that cool?

So, why should we be interested in Bees? Well, because they are part of our world and we are part of their world.
We all live in the same world, right?
So, what do we know about them.
Before I went into Bees I knew little, I only knew that I was scared to be stung.
But hearing about them, what they are doing, how they are living in their Hives, this really grabbed me.
How they work together. In a Hive we have a Queen, Worker Bees (females) and Drones (males).
Did you know that the Queen on the height of summer lays up until 2000 eggs each day?
Do you know something about the tasks of Bees as soon as they are born?
They immediately starts feeding the larvae, each Young 1300 visits a day.
When they are three weeks old they are ready to go out for foraging.
Did you know that 2 millions of flowers are needed for 1 gallon of Honey?
And do you know that Bees and other Pollinators are not pollinating flowers only but also our herbs, vegetables and fruits?
We are dependant on them as it comes to our food. Almost 75% of our food comes to fruition because of pollination.
Einstein already said: when Bees disappear from the face of the earth humankind will have only 4 more years to go.
We don’t want that, do we?

Why talking about disappearing. Are Bees disappearing? Yes, they are.
And you know how and why? One main reason is the use of socalled “Seed Protectors”, stuff that protect seed, vegetables, fruit etc.
But these Protectors are not protecting Bees and other Pollinators neither us.
These Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides are pure poison.
More and more seed is manipulated with this kind of poison so when Bees are pollinating and bring Pollen back into the Hive for feeding their Young and bringing Nectar from poisoned flowers, herbs, vegetables and make Honey from it Bee Colony Collapse is what can happen and is indeed what happens.
Millions and millions of Bees have died and die because of the use of these Seed Protectors.
We don’t want that, do we?

But what can we do? We can do a lot. Each small step is valuable. If we all take small steps together we can make a giant step, a leap, forward.
We can start simply with planting Organic Seed, GMO Free Seed, in our gardens or on our balconies. Organic seed in big diversity. The Bees and Butterflies and Bumblebees will love it and so you will. You can enjoy watching them.
They will make your gardens even more flowering because of pollination and they will make your herbs, fruits and/or vegetables if you want to plant those too very fruitful.
So, we all can benefit from only planting Organic Seed. How easy is that.
If you’re starting to get interested in Bees you can read about them, in books and plenty articles all over internet. There are beeautiful Films and Documentaries showing Bee Life and when you see that you will be in awe and will agree with me that they are a true miracle.
Getting more and more enthusiastic now you may want to go to the centers and shops that are selling those pesticide stuff and plants and flowers treated with it and ask those centers to sell organic seed instead and you can explain why.
You can even go further and go to people of your town council and ask to change their policy and ban these killing pesticides.
You can go to Beekeepers or a Bee CLub program and hear even more about Bees from people who work with them and when you really get going by then you may want a Hive yourself and learn from the Bees themselves.

But let’s keep it simple with planting Organic, GMO free, Seed first, every one of us. That, for sure, will be a perfect start and of great help.

Thank you! And Blessed Bee


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